G’day, mates! Moving house can be as stressful as a dingo in a thunderstorm, especially when it comes to packing your fragile items. Whether you’re shifting across town or heading interstate, here’s a no-worries guide to ensure your delicate stuff arrives in one piece.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you start, make sure you’ve got all the gear:
– Sturdy Boxes Different sizes, preferably double-walled for extra strength.
-Packing Paper: Soft and crinkly, perfect for cushioning.
– Bubble Wrap: Your best mate for fragile items.
– Packing Tape: Strong and sticky.
– Markers: For labeling your boxes.

Step-by-Step Packing Guide

1. Prepare Your Boxes
– Reinforce the bottom of each box with a couple of layers of packing tape. You don’t want anything falling through.

2. Wrap Each Item:
– For glassware and delicate items, start with a layer of packing paper. Wrap it snugly, then add a layer of bubble wrap for extra protection. Use tape to secure the wrap.

3. Cushion the Box:
– Line the bottom of the box with crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap. This acts as a shock absorber.

4. Pack Carefully:
– Place the heaviest items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Make sure there’s cushioning between each item to prevent them from knocking together.
– For plates, wrap them individually and place them on their sides rather than stacking flat. It reduces the risk of breakage.

5. Fill Gaps:
– Use packing paper or bubble wrap to fill any gaps in the box. The aim is to make sure nothing moves around inside.

6. Seal and Label:
– Seal the box securely with packing tape. Label it clearly with “Fragile” and indicate which way is up. Also, note the contents on the box for easy unpacking.

Extra Tips

– Use Original Packaging: If you’ve still got the original boxes for your electronics or other items, use them. They’re designed for safe transport.
– Don’t Overpack: It’s tempting to cram as much as possible into each box, but overpacking can lead to breakage.
– Separate Valuable Items:For precious items, consider keeping them with you during the move instead of packing them with other household goods.

On Moving Day

– Handle with Care: Remind your movers or mates helping you to handle the fragile boxes with extra care.
– Load Strategically: Place fragile boxes on top of heavier, sturdier items in the moving van.


– Take Your Time: Don’t rush unpacking. Carefully unwrap each item and check for any damage.
– Recycle Materials:Save your packing materials for future moves or recycle them responsibly.

By following these tips, you’ll help ensure that your fragile items arrive safely at your new home. Happy moving, and may your new place bring you nothing but good vibes! 🏡✨

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